Blowing bubbles

How to play with bubbles!

Bubble games to play

Firstly put on some bubble music!

Playing music while making bubbles really will improve everyones mood and you may just find yourself dancing, singing and making bubbles. Gosh its so much fun! Here is my feel good bubble playlist. There is some catchy bubble theme songs here.

Playlist: Bubble Theme Outdoor Summer Playlist - Kids Party Music - Feel Good Dance Party Mix - Bubbly Heaven 2 hours

1. Simply make giant bubbles. There is a few ways you can use your bubble wand to make bubbles. If it is a windy day just let the wind take the bubbles. However if it isn’t windy you can move your body to create wind thus forming your own bubbles or hold the freshly dipped wand near to your mouth and blow. Blow close up and see lots of small bubbles then move slightly backwards and see how this makes bigger bubbles. How to us tri-string bubble wands.

blow bubbles with your hands

2. Blow bubbles using your hands.

Fully immerse a hand into the solution, make an okay sign with your thumb and forefinger, pull your hand out and blow the soap bubble film that appears in the loop made by your thumb and forefinger. How to blow bubbles with your hands.

boy holding bubble blowing with hands
Hand Bubble How To Make Catch Big Giant Bubble Hand Trick HOW TO MAKE GIANT BUBBLES AT HOME Kids Fun

3. Catch big bubbles. You can catch big bubbles with wet hands! So immerse your hands in the bubble mixture and catch and play with some mega bubbles.

4. Bouncing bubbles.

Some materials like fleece and wool gloves will bounce bubbles. It takes a bit of a gentle hand but with some practice and determination you can become pro at bouncing bubbles.

5. Play dodgem bubbles. One person/adult makes bubbles and the others have to dodge the bubbles, a fun bubbly twist on the classic ball game. This works best when there is some wind to carry the bubbles.  

6. Go on a bubble prop scavenger hunt. What can you find around your home that you can make bubbles with? Everyone go and find 3 things. Take it in turns trying to make bubbles out of the props you found. When I played this I found a kids croc shoe, a pasta strainer and a kids expandable ball. The pasta strainer didn’t work very well but I had much of fun with the croc and the expandable ball.

Soap Bubble Tricks FUN GIANT BUBBLE BLOWING GAME ACTIVITIES KID PLAY Blowing Bubbles Inside Bubbles

7. Blow bubbles inside bubbles.

Make a big bubble, then while the bubbles is floating in the air blow the bubble wall, not too hard and not too soft – if you get it just right you will blow a bubble inside the bubble! How to blow bubbles inside bubbles.

GIANT BUBBLE FUN Looking at reflections colours LONG LASTING BUBBLES Kids Activity What Things To Do

8. Take a bubble reflection selfie. Make a big bubble and take time to look into the bubble and look out for your own reflections (and refractions) how many times can you see yourself? Can you get a photo? Can you see scenery or other things in your bubbles?

9. Put on your own bubble show! Select your favourite bubble song and make bubbles to the music, see Carolines outdoor bubble show here for some inspiration. See Caroline indoor bubble show.

10. Blow bubbles with string.

See Caroline bubble show here (go to 1min15secs) to see how to make bubbles with a piece of string.

11. Watch bubbles change colour. Bubbles are full of colour waves, make a bubble and notice all the different colours swirling around. Bubbles reflect different colours depending on the thickness of the bubble wall. Now make a bubble and let it land on a wet surface so the bubble sits still and doesn’t pop. Now watch that bubble for a while, you will see the bubble change different colours (as the bubble wall get thinner/dries out). Changing from blue, green, yellow, until it will eventually looks colourless then inevitably popping.

Frozen bubbles. freezing bubbles.

12. What is the weather like today? Bubbles work in all sorts of weather, its not just summer where bubbles become interesting. Try making bubbles in the rain, when not windy, when windy, on a frosty morning, just after rain when the air and ground is wet (look at all the bubbles that land on the floor!) and even in the snow and freezing temperatures.

13. Find out if your dog likes bubbles.

Let your dog join in the fun with our dog friendly beef scented dog bubbles. 

14. Make a bubble caterpillar. Want to learn Tom Noddy’s amazing bubble magic tricks like this caterpillar? Buy Tom Noddy’s Book.

Tom Noddy bubble magic

Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic Book

Bubble Shape Kit STEM instructions

Instructions for bubble shape STEM

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Outdoor Bubbles Play Guide – Party Games

Provide your own DIY giant

Benefits of playing with giant bubbles

Benefits of playing with bubbles,

15. Make a bubble slide with a slinky! 

bubble painting with foam

16. Bubble Painting.

There is 2 ways I like to paint with bubbles. 1) Blowing bubbles in a bowl. In a bowl mix 50/50 paint and bubble solution. Using a straw blow the mixture to create bubbles just above the bowl edge but not over spilling. Then press your paper onto the bubble mound. Then reveal. 2) Using a bubble foamer. In your pot mix 50/50 paint and bubble solution. Dip your foamer into the mixture and them blow out the foam onto the paper. Allow to dry. Both methods equally as fun. If you are not getting a great pigment then add more paint to your mix.

17. Learn bubble science for kids.

18. Watch a bubble documentary.

table top blowing bubbles indoors caterpillar

19. Blow bubbles onto a table top.

You will need to make your table top wet so your bubbles don’t pop straight away. You may want to use a plastic kids table or use a waterproof table cover. Use straws/tubes and bubble solution to blow bubbles directly onto the table. You can link bubbles up to for a bubble snake. What else can you create? Perhaps a flower.

sensory light squishy mat bubble floor tile. Sensory bubble on top of a light.

20. Catch bubbles on waterproof bubble lights. This is a very simple yet effective way of turning bubble making into a sensory sensation. Catch the bubble on top of the light or blow the bubble directly onto the light. Then have fun popping the bubbles with your finger or breath. Make your own bubble light.

21. Have a bubble disco. Play bubble theme music or feel good music to dance and sing along to while making bubbles.

22. Blow a bubble foam mountain.

How big can you make your bubble mountain. Can you blow some bigger bubbles on top? Buy 2in1 bubble foamer.

bubble foam sensory
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23. Make a bubble puppet. Use props for eyes. arms and leg and using foam you can build yourself a bubble animal.

24. Put children inside a bubbles.

Hoop method/stand inside the moat: You can use Uncle Bubbles moat and hoop set, or a Dr Zig In A Bubble Kit to put kids inside bubbles.

Over the head method: We sell an over the head inside a bubble wand that is also ideal for putting children/adults in wheelchairs or pushchairs inside bubbles.

Uncle Bubble Kid in a bubble kit

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kid inside a bubble wand. KIB string wand.

25. Take bubbles into a care home or nursing home. It can sometimes be upsetting and a little unnerving visiting elderly family in care homes, we have a lovely solution to this. Take along some bubbles and/or sensory lights to break the ice and create your own care home bubble entertainment. You can create such fun and/or calming ambiences with music, bubbles and lights.

Sensory bubble therapy session in care home dementia residents blowing bubbles.
sensory bubble foam blowing tube for elderly and sen special needs kids

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