Bubble entertainer making giant bubbles.

Bubble Entertainer Training

Learn To Bubble BIG!!! How To Make Giant Bubbles

Welcome to the home page of bubble entertainer training and free content for parents and people wanting to make giant bubbles with kids. Below you will find all our free and paid for options to learn the art of bubbleology. Then continue down the page if you want to start leaning more, make giant bubble solution like a professional and take our online bubble entertainer training course.

Free Videos & Content

Learn How To Make Giant Bubble Solution Like a PRO!

If you are only needing a little giant bubble solution for the odd bubble making play session then my advice to you is to buy it from our shop. However if you need a large quantity over multiple days perhaps you work at a school, nursery, care home, hospice, charity or are a bubble entertainer then I recommend you purchase our giant bubble recipe, its the recipe we use and has taken approx 5-10 years to perfect so its a great purchase, you will not regret it. And if you go on to buy our online course then we will deduct the cost of this recipe from the total cost of the course!

Join The Bubble Entertainer Community

Join our bubble group where you’re free to ask beginner’s questions, share ideas and learn the art of bubbles! This group is run by Bubbly Heaven.

Become a Bubble Entertainer Online Training Videos

Full Video Course usually £99.99 NOW £49.99 HALF PRICE OFFER


  • Outdoor Bubble Making & Entertaining (56mins 57sec duration)
  • Indoor Intro To Bubble Show & Kid-In-A-Bubble (KIB) (40mins 53sec duration)
  • FREE: How to make XXL MEGA Strength Bubble Juice (Usually £9.99)
  • How to make a garland bubble wand (7mins 23secs)
  • How to make a tri-string bubble wand (6mins)
  • How to make a small net, med net 1mx1m and large net 2mx1 NO WEAVE EASY! (27mins 36secs)
  • How to make a 2 person KIB overhead rope wand (9mins 44 secs)
  • How to make a 1 person KIB overhead rope wand (9mins 42secs)

In Person Group Training

Ideal for Companies, Care homes, Hospices, Nursery Schools, Children’s Play Areas, Zoo’s and more.

What we offer:

x1 Day Outdoor Bubbling Practical Course

  • WE COME TO YOU (anywhere in the UK within reasonable distance from London or Gloucester)
  • Learn about and how to use outdoor bubble wands
  • How to make giant bubble juice
  • Games & activities
  • Hand bubbling
  • Crowd management
  • Q&A
  • Risk assessment
  • Free access to the online bubble entertainer training (includes wand making, intro to bubble show, indoor bubbles, intro to smoke bubbles)
  • Includes light lunch & refreshments
  • Ongoing support via our secret bubbly heaven graduate group
  • 50% off pre-order at Bubbly Heavens Shop, then 25% off first shop after training complete
  • £140 per person (Minimum Group of 3 required)

Any questions, technical issues or enquiries please contact admin@bubblyheaven.co.uk.

Bubble entertainer training workshop in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Making home made giant bubble juice.
Bubblz bubble show performed at a party in Watford, London.

smoke bubble volcano