Guar Gum 50g


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Guar Gum 50g

50g approx 10 tsp.

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What is Guar Gum?
Guar Gum is a Polysaccharide produced from the endosperm contained in the seeds (beans) of the Guar plant (Endosperm is the white fleshy part of the guar bean which is used as nutrition when the plant begins to grow). The beans are de-husked and then the endosperm extracted; its then ground to a fine powder to produce guar gum.


How Can I Use Guar Gum?

Food Production – Guar Gum can be used for cake making, producing gluten free food, bread making, ice-cream making and a gluten free thickener.
Cosmetics – Guar Gum is used during the preparation of lotions and creams.
Pharmaceuticals – Guar Gum is often used by pharmaceutical companies to help bind tablets.
Guar Gum has been linked to a reduction in serum cholesterol having a positive effect on blood glucose.



Guar Gum Data?

Typical Analysis:
Appearance – White to off white powder
Viscosity (cps) – 3500 cps Minimum
Ash – 1% Max
pH – 6.5 to 7.5
Particle Size – 200 mesh (75 Microns) 97% passing
Protein – 5% (Max)


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