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Nurseries, Schools & SEN

Nursery School & Special Education Needs Bubble SEN Visits

We visit schools, nursery schools, SEN and mainstream with our bubble entertainment. We can provide play and sensory sessions in Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Bristol and surrounding areas. Our bubble entertainment is totally inclusive!

  • Nursery Schools
  • Toddler and Baby Parties
  • SEN Schools
  • Care Homes & Hospices

What We Offer Nurseries & SEN Schools

Outdoor Bubbles

Outdoor display and play session, giant bubbles, cloud bubbles, smoke bubbles, holding bubbles, hand bubbles and have a goes.

Indoor Bubbles

Kid-inside-a-bubble (moat and hoop set up for mainstream schools and nurseries). Where I put each child inside a giant bubble (perfect photo opportunity!).

For Special Needs Schools we use our rope versions of kid-inside-a-bubble where I lower a big bubble on  top of the children. So children in wheelchairs and pushchairs also get to go inside a big bubble. Inclusive of wheelchair and pushchair users.

Where do we travel?

These sessions are available across most of England and Wales including Gloucestershire, Bristol, Cardiff, Newport, Swindon, Cheltenham, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Watford and other areas of London.

So Sensory Bubble Session

Bubbly Heaven also co-owns ‘So Sensory Bubbles’ known for its famous ‘Let It Glow’ parties, school sessions and events.

SEN Sensory glow bubble entertainer for special needs schools.

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