Must Have Products & Supplies for Bubble Entertainers

We have compiled a list of all of our favorite bubble products.

Kid Inside A Bubble Products

  1. Dr Zigs Moat & Hoop Version where kids stand inside the moat and the bubble is pulled up over them.

2) Bubbly Heaven Over the Head (1 Person) Bubble Wand, the wand is dipped into juice then a bubble is created over the top of the child and lowered down over their head and body, person for indoor shows where your kit needs to be light weight and easily portable and ideal for child who are in wheelchairs and pushchairs.

3) Bubbly Heaven Over the Head Kid inside a Bubble Wand (2 Person), this wand requires 2 people to work together to created a big bubble that goes over the head of the child/adult, this wand is great for getting more children inside the bubble as it give a larger bubble, also great for wheel chairs and pushchairs. This wand can also be used to make giant bubbles.

Tri-Strings, Wands, Garlands & Bubble Trollys

  1. Premium 6 Wheel Swival Shopping Trolly. I would advise you go for the best quality trolly you can afford, I had a cheaper version a 4 wheel one which broke going over a dry mud field, the 6 wheel versions seem to stand rougher terrains alot better.
  2. Multi Functional Gardan Trolly/Caddy Wheel Barrow Bucket.
  3. Dr Zigs Party Kit. This kit is a must have for anyone starting out, I still have these wands in my kit, you get a handy hand wand, bubble foamer and a booklet full of bubble ideas and activities.

3) Bubbly Heaven Large Tri-String, this is must for making giant bubbles, handles are 86cm and will make giant bubble tunnels.

4) Gazillion Bubble Wands. These wands are my go to wands for bubble shows, there are a lovely size for making big bubbles. The star wand makes a flurry of bubbles a lovely way to finish a show.

Net Wands

  1. I would highly recommend our Mega Bubbly Heaven Net Wand.
  2. OR the Wonder Web Bubble Toy from Bubble Inc. I cannot choose my favorite!

Bubble Foamers

  1. So Sensory 2 in 1 Bubble Foamer, make beautiful foam and has a switch that flips it into a bubble maker too, this fits perfectly on to Dustin Skyes smoke fogger tubes too so ideal for making bubble foam and filling bubbles with smoke.
Floor Protection (Indoors & Outdoors, Bubble Buckets, Flexi-Tubs)
  1. Painters Fleece, this size 1m x lenght is perfect for placing around tables or as table covers. Its a soft absorbant fabric on top with a waterproof backing to protect the floor.
  2. Or of you want a larger piece 2m x 6m folded go to this website:

4) Used Exhibition Carpet, you will be able to get free or very low cost used exhibition carpet, its a lightweight thin cord carpet with a waterproof backing. Here is a link I used on ebay to get mine, you will need to find a local supplier if you live in a different area.

5) Pop Up Wet Floor Signs. Its always advisable to have a wet floor sign indoors and outdoors, some bubblers have a few a hang garland flags on it to create a make shift fenced off area (these can be branded). Or I use 2 either side of the stage during indoor shows and have a colourful garland hanging from it which tells people this is my area and to stay back.

Flexi- Tubs, Ideal to put your bucket in to collect and dips and also protects your bucket from being kicked or tripped over.

Picnic Blanket, we use waterproof backed picnic blankets to give another layer of protection to the grass when bubbling outdoors.

20L Plastic Bucket, Perfect size for all your bubble wands.

Smoke Vape Fogger

Dustin Skye from America sells bubble foggers to bubblers worldwide, find him on Facebook and send him a message, tell him Bubbly Heaven sent you. 🙂

Happy Bubbling 🙂