Team building bubble workshop in Wiltshire.

How to make BIG bubbles? We share our giant bubble liquid recipe!

What is in your bubble juice? Do you use fairy liquid?

Is what we hear everywhere we go and we get a lot of requests for this – so DA DA here it is!

We have kept our home made secret giant bubble juice recipe a secret for many years, until now!

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Child making massive bubble after making her own homemade bubble solution.
Giant bubble being made with home made giant bubble juice recipe.
Make giant bubble with your family using home made big bubble juice recipe.

You will be making mind blowing, mega bubbles with your very own fool proof home made bubble solution!

We have created a page on our website with a demonstration video, PDF written recipe, instructions plus product links to Amazon so you get the correct ingredients for making your giant bubble juice mix.

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Make giant bubble juice alot cheaper than you can buy it!

How to make giant bubble juice using fairy liquid, guar gum and other house hold ingredients

How to make giant bubble juice poster.


How to make Giant Homemade Bubble Juice (Demo & Recipe) £9.99

After payment you will be redirected to another page that includes the password. You can then access the secret page. If the occasion the re-direct doesn’t happen then please contact us and we will resolve this issue for you.

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Bubblz bubble show performed at a party in Watford, London.

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