Would you love to make giant bubbles?

How do bubbles make you feel? Would you love to experience excitement, glee and sheer joy at the drop of a hat?

If dropping a hat doesn’t do it for you, get out your bucket of giant bubbles, your bubble wand, go outside and fill the air with the joy of Bubbly Heaven.

What do you mean you don’t have a bucket of giant bubbles? Time to fix THAT in a hurry!

At Bubbly Heaven we have been making bubbles for years and having been asked umpteen times for the “secret” so we have finally decided to share it, for a small fee.

You will need:

  • A bucket of Giant Bubble Juice
  • A Giant Bubble Wand
  • A Bubble Garland Wand

Do you want to make your own juice?

You may have already seen lots of recipe’s online using fairy liquid, glycerin and water, for a basic recipe yes this will get fair results, you won’t get the mega big long lasting bubbles you can get with giant bubble juice mix. So our advice to you is either buy some we recommend ‘Dr Zigs’ or ‘Uncle Bubble’ or like we do here at Bubbly Heaven we make our own it much cheaper and much more fun!

Basic recipe for fair results (small/little bit bigger bubbles): 3L of water, 2 tbsp Glycerin and 125ml of Fairy Liquid. Start by stirring the water and glycerin together then slowly add the fairy liquid.

Or Our Mega Big Bubble Recipe Below

We share our giant bubble juice recipe and method of how to mix the ingredients correctly to create those giant long lasting bubbles.

Click Here for our mini bubble juice course so you can be independent £9.99. 

Would you prefer to buy concentrated, ready made juice?

Not all days are suitable for large giant bubbles, if the wind is too strong it will just brake the large surface area. However nets and garlands (multi-loops) work amazingly on windy days. So its always good to have a mix of wands to us.

Feel free to ask us any questions and please do share with your friends.

Always remember, when life gives you lemons, MAKE BUBBLES!

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