Which bubble kit should I buy?

This depends on what you are doing. Are you making bubble with your kids in the back garden?Do you need a bubble kit for a one off party or event? Or are you a bubble entertainer? What ever the reason we have tried and tested and here is the best available to you on the market.

Giant bubble kits perfect for the back garden with your children!

I love the Gazillion brand of bubble kits, I would stay clear of the cheaper version as the wands and juice are alot lower on quality.

The Gazillion Tornado Bubble Machine created flurries of bubbles that will fill your garden with bubbles, the added bonus of his machine is that the bubbles go upwards into the air which looks beautiful. I have this little bubble machine and I use it all the time during bubble sessions I provide professionally. So a big thumbs up from us.

Gazillion Incredi Bubble Wand Set. This is my absolute favorite bubble hand hoop wand. I have a few of these wands that I have had for years, and have been through a lot of children’s hands and have been stood on a few times too. They are durable and amazing quality. And the wand is large so makes beautifully big bubbles. I use both wands in my bubble show and indoor bubble parties.

Uncle Bubble – Put People and Kids Inside Bubbles

Make giant bubble tubes around your friends and family with this affordable kid-inside-a-bubble kit. See other fun things you can do with this kit here in our how to put a kid inside a bubble video.

DIY bubble entertainment kit for a party or event!

Dr Zigs DIY Bubble Party, Wedding or Event Kit. Ideal kit for do-it-yourself outdoor giant bubble entertainment. Perfect for back gardens, creating wedding confetti and if you have the job to entertain the children at a fundraiser or fete.

Professional Bubble Kit, Giant Bubble Wands & Nets

If you are an entertainer or have the budget for a complete professional kit then we recommended Dr Zigs Entertainer Kit. See the Kid-inside-a-bubble in action in our demo video, we use a Dr Zigs Moat & Hoop.

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