Rainbow reflecting off a giant bubble bubble.

Bubble Documentary & TV Programs


Bubble Documentaries & TV

1. The Science of Bubbles – Documentary

Physicist Dr Helen Czerski is a bubble specialist. She lives and breathes bubbles (yes folks, you can make a carrier in bubbles) and she knows ALL ABOUT bubbles, so sit down, relax and prepare to be taken on a magical journey through the many kinds of bubbles and into the science of how, why, which, where and when they form.

Bubbles are fun for children of all ages and yet they are used in science, industry and art to aid in discoveries and advancements in many fields.

2. The fascinating science of bubbles, from soap to champagne

In this whimsical talk and live demo, scientist Li Wei Tan shares the secrets of bubbles — from their relentless pursuit of geometric perfection to their applications in medicine and shipping, where designers are creating more efficient vessels by mimicking the bubbles created by swimming penguins. Learn more about these mathematical marvels and tap into the magic hidden in the everyday world.

[FULL TV Program] Taskmaster 2/25/2019 | The Bubble Brothers

Season 6 episode 9