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Bubble Entertainers

Bubble Entertainers for Parties, Festivals and Events


Bubbly Heaven has become the home of all bubble entertainers, we have trained and nurtured bubble entertainers all over the UK. We have an online bubble network where we run groups and are part of the planning for the worlds largest bubble festival in September 2018 to be held in Snowdonia, and it will be the first bubble festival in the UK.



Bubble Party


  • Hosted bubble party with games and activities
  • Bubble show
  • Bubble entertainer
  • Bubble workshop
  • Free play bubble sessions


Bubble Entertainers for Weddings and Events


  • Bubble show
  • Bubble entertainer
  • Bubble workshop
  • Bubble domes
  • Wedding bubbles

Cheryl & Carolines other children’s entertainments


Festival Bubbles


Walk about bubbling, shows, bubble shop, workshops and bubble show’s.




Caroline and Cheryl entertain all over the UK.  Also supplying bubble entertainers in London, Bristol, Gloucester, Bath, Oxford, Exeter, Southampton, Cardiff, Swansea and Birmingham. And further afield in Leicester, Suffolk, Essex,Canterbury, Maidstone, Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Sunderland, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.